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Effects of Celery on Blood Pressure

Effects of celery on blood pressure have been known to be positive. Celery is rich in apigenin which is classified as a chemical and is naturally found in a number of vegetables. Apigenin affects the blood pressure levels by means of dilating blood vessels. In addition, celery is also rich in 3-n-butylphtalide (3nb) - another chemical known to lower blood pressure by acting as a relaxant for the muscles that comprise the walls of the blood vessels. On top of that, 3nb also reduces the level of catacholamines which are well known stress hormones.
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Historically, in some of the oriental countries, patients have been prescribed to consume a daily portion of half a pound of to keep blood pressure levels stable. The research conducted at the University of Chicago indicates that animals, if fed a daily portion of celery, exhibit lower blood pressure readings that those animals that do not have celery as a nutrition supplement. In some cases, the difference in blood pressure levels between the two groups reached as much as 14 percent. That is also equivalent to 15 point decrease in systolic blood pressure.

Another advantage of celery, that it, being naturally rich in sodium content, can satisfy the desire for salt for those people who are following a low-salt diet. Having a high potassium value is another plus. With such a combination of contents, celery makes for an excellent snack for people who are currently on hypertensive medications. The majority of vegetables, when cooked, drop the ratio of potassium and sodium more than tenfold from the original content. Eating fresh celery ensures that you are getting enough of what your body needs.

Salty foods, no matter how tasty and appetizing they are, facilitate water retention in the body. One of the elements known to replace the amount of sodium in your body is potassium. If potassium is not supplied, the sodium will continue to be retained within water inside the cells. That is why most doctors prescribe water removing pills, otherwise known as diuretics, to remove excess amount of water from your body. Taking this kind of drugs facilitates removing sodium from your body by that dropping the blood pressure. Potassium has a tendency to be flushed out of the system at the same time as sodium is removed. Therefore, in parallel with the water pills, doctors usually prescribe potassium supplements to supplement the major medication.

In summary, celery lowers blood pressure by being a substance that naturally contains diuretics. Therefore, for people with mild variations in blood pressure just eating celery might bring the levels of blood pressure to normal. It serves as a healthy natural supplement for those who have to have prescribed hypertension medication. Consuming celery on a regular basis can control high blood pressure and eliminate the use of drugs. - Effects of celery on blood pressure.

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